Trading 3-Time Frames

Are you trading with 3-time frames? If not, you are missing out on a big chunk of profits. This article will show you how to trade with 3-time frames – daily, weekly and monthly. You’ll discover the best way to use each time frame to maximize your profits while minimizing risk. Trading with three time frames teaches you how to read charts in a new light and make money in any market condition! These also come in top down analysis. In this way you learn how to trade with bigger trend.

What is trading three-time frames?

Trading three-time frameslets you take control of your finances and live a richer life. You can trade stocks, currencies and commodities in real-time, so you always have the latest data to make informed decisions. Trading with three-time frames allows you to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, be flexible with your timing and manage risk. Traders who use this system are able to make more profitable trades by knowing when to enter and exit the market quickly. Some traders use following three-time frames which are one-minute, five-minute and fifteen-minute time frames. Market is very volatile in these TFs.

Alternatively, one can look for daily, 4 hours and then m 15 for entry confirmation. This also enhances the trading profitability.

Multiple Time Frame Analysis

Multiple Time Frame Analysis is a trading system that uses several charts with different timeframes to analyze the overall trend and movements of the market. The main advantage of this approach is that it allows us to see the bigger picture, which means we can spot underlying trends and changes in price direction much better than with a single chart. This leads to more accurate entries and exits, increased profitability, and lower risk for our trading.

  • It allows for analysis of data over multiple time frames, which can help analysts identify patterns and trends that may not be apparent on shorter time scales. At you will have multiple good strategies that can increase your profitability. Check our Forex education section.

Different time frames you might use for your trading strategy

There are many different time frames you can use when trading stocks. Each progression of time frames can be used to build more informed decisions. Here are three examples:

  • Daily: This is the simplest time frame to use because it covers one day at a time. You can make decisions based on the current market conditions at that specific moment in time.
  • Weekly: This timeframe covers five days, and it is a little more complex than daily because normally this time frame is observed by banks or big institutions. You should also consider long-term trends when making decisions based on weekly data.
  • Monthly: This timeframe covers thirty days and is the most detailed format of all the timeframes mentioned. Institutional orders are placed after observing this time frame.

Pro Tip

If the monthly, weekly, and daily trend is bearish, and then find sell entry either in h1 or h4 it will bring big positive change in your trading because you take or prefer to sell entries which is a trend of higher time frame. The chances of SL get reduced if you follow these tips.

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