Trade Opportunity XAUSD

The Following Assumptions Have Been Made:

Scenario:Sell Assumption after Breakout & Retest M30/H1:

If the Price breaks down the price zone for example 1809-1810, retest this level again and a confirmation candle is formed with momentum for example, M 30 or H1, then you can look for short till the next 4 hours of support.

The support and resistance are placed on the H4 timeframe which is considered a moderate level for considering the tradig setup.

If the price breaks upside then keep in mind it would be against long-term 4 hours sell trend.

After restest and confirmation you can go for long but it would be sugegsted not to hold it for longer time. So, be careful for taking buy entry.

Outcome: At least 10 to 25 Pips forecast.

Note:Please note that this information is speculative, you will need to check other factors as several factors also have impacts in case price get reversed & always follow money management rules to avoid big losses.


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