Forex Trading How Much Can You Make

What is the Average Income of a Forex Trader?

Taking into account the vast field of forex trading, it is almost tricky to determine a fixed amount of money which one can anticipate to derive from the venture. We will answer your question about forex trading how much can you make.

Multiple factors come into play when it comes to determining how much money you can make with forex trading, as mentioned and discussed below:

  • • The Deposit
  • • Leverage
  • • Functionality of the Trading Platform
  • • The Strategy of Trading

1. The Deposit

The extent of the capital which a trader invests in Forex marketing, plays a significant role in the profits or losses of the investor.The larger the sum of money which a trader invests, creates greater trading opportunities to their advantage. However, it simultaneously enhances the feasibility to make a profit and also involves greater risks.

2. What is Leverage?

Leverage entails the capital which a broker provides to empower Forex traders for opening larger positions compared to what their original deposit would have permitted..

Leverage permits traders to gain access to larger amounts of money. This will address the question, forex trading how much can you make in detail here.

Forex traders who choose a higher leverage can prospectively make a higher forex trading profit on a daily basis, but also have the downside of risking higher losses.

3. Currency Instruments: Currency Pairs

• What is Currency Pairs?

Currency pairs entails the quotation of a currency unit opposed to another currency unit.

In general Forex traders trade currency pairs, like GBP/USD or EUR/USD. Respective pairs can differ with reference to both its trading volumes & volatility. Thus, certain currencies may have a higher profitability to trade compared to others.

A Forex trader opting for pairs with a higher volatility, is expected to make more profit compared to a trader who opt for low-volatility pairs.

4. Functionality of the Trading Platform

A trading platform serves as the doorway to the Forex market for a trader. Therefore, it is essential that it has to be reliable & well-designed. Traders who choose platforms containing resilient features are expected to be more successful in their trading, due to the fact that they have accessibility to more resources & tools which can assist them to make more informed decisions.

5. The Strategy of Trading

A trading strategy consists of a set of rules which is established in advance, and conducts how a forex trader both enters & exits trades. Using the correct trading strategy, can determine whether a trader will be experiencing success or failure when it comes to Forex trading.

A Few Basic Terms in Forex Trading for Novices

• The Exchange Rate

This is the rate which determines the price at which you will be exchanging the one currency for the other. The exchange rate will show the trader the amount of quote currency needed when he/she wants to purchase a single unit of base currency.

• Quote

The quote is the market price which always contains two figures. The bid/selling price is the 1st figure, whilst the 2nd consists of the ask / buying price.

• Ask Price

The ask price, also called the offer price, represents the price which is visible on a quote on its right hand side. At this price you will be able to purchase the base currency.

• Bid Price

The bid price represents the price at which a forex trader can trade a currency pair.

The ask is always higher than the bid. Thus the contrast between the two prices is known as the spread.

• Spread

The spread represents the difference in point in percentage (pips) between the ask & bid price. However, the spread comprises the brokerage & service costs, replacing the transaction fees.

What is the Typical Salary of a Forex Trader?

If you are looking for forex trading how much can you make, then following pay packages would help you to have an idea. The typical salary of a professional Forex trader varies, with a variety of sites stating different estimates, for example:

• Payscale – $96,874 per year

• Indeed – $94,075 per year

• Glassdoor – $106,747 per year

According to these figures, a professional forex trader can be earning a good income from the enterprise. However, take into account that these amounts are earned by traders who have a good comprehension of how the markets operate. Furthermore, they have developed efficient trading strategies.

Forex trading requires great knowledge, dedication, education & practice.

Funded Traders: Prop Companies – forex trading how much can you make?

A lot of top Forex accounts emerge from a funded program which grants traders accessibility to substantial capital for trading. In such a program, the forex trader initiates a partnership with such a prop company.

The forex trader is then provided with access to the firm’s funds for trading. The trader in exchange, has an agreement with the company to share a percentage of their profits. Some companies permit the forex trader keeping a portion of the profits as much as up to 90%.

However, many factors determine how much money can be earned by a funded trader, which include:

  • • Trading strategy,
  • • Experience level
  • • Abilities regarding risk management etc.

Successful forex traders within these funded programs can anticipate a return of 5 – 15%. Traders who use more robust strategies can be earning a 20 percent return on a monthly basis.

Retail Forex Traders: forex trading how much can you make?

Retail forex traders operate with their own money. Therefore, they don’t have access to the substantial amounts of capital as their counterparts. Thus, retail traders usually make less profit than funded traders or others who are employed by prop firms.

The above-mentioned factors applicable to funded traders are also relevant to retail forex traders, which can make an estimate between $500 to $5000 on a monthly basis.

Beginner Forex Traders: forex trading how much can you make?

At the start of a beginner’s forex trading career, it is a fact that the majority of these traders lose money. In general, this is because of excessive leverage, spontaneous decisions and lacking knowledge of how to manage risks.

According to surveys a forex trader starting his trading career can make $10 per day. This can be increased with returns of 5 – 30%, doing the following:

  • • Master trading strategies
  • • Practicing on a demo
  • • Manage risks & steer clear of abusing leverage

Taking into account the above-mentioned tips, a beginner forex trader can eventually become more skillful, whilst increasing their potential to earn decent profits.


The two most important components which affect the money earned by a trader are:

  • • The amount of the deposit
  • • The leverage amount

Other factors of conceptual importance are:

  • • Success of predictions
  • • The accurate assessment of the world’s general economic situation

These determinants are directly related, due to the fact that by making an analysis of the state of the worldwide market, provides the necessary knowledge to the trader in making dependable market predictions.

However, a trader’s actual earning is predominantly determined by the amount of his/her deposit, which boils down to the larger the amount of money you can invest, the more profit you can get. Hope now your query about forex trading how much can you make is fully addressed.


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