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Welcome to Neuron Market, where you can learn about the abundant opportunities in this industry and to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Our platform is designed to provide you with a competitive edge and a seamless and efficient Bitcoin trading experience. It makes use of state-of-the-art technology to make it easier to sell and buy cryptocurrencies.

Register for a Cryptocurrency Trading Account

At Neuron Market, opening an account and trading cryptocurrencies is an easy process.

You can take part in the growing industry by using derivatives. You may now profit from fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices without having to keep the underlying asset thanks to this. With a plethora of alternatives to diversify your portfolio, our platform allows you to trade all the popular cryptocurrencies.

Utilize Exclusive Trading Features

Our platform provides special trading tools to fortify your cryptocurrency holdings and provide your plan a distinct edge. These tools are designed to guide you through the erratic Bitcoin landscape and optimize your earnings.

The condition of the market for cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology is responsible for the cryptocurrency market's explosive growth because it makes safe and easy transactions and fresh coin introduction possible. You may diversify your online assets and profit from rising or declining cryptocurrency values by trading bitcoin derivatives. This adaptability enables you to improve your trading approach and respond more effectively to market fluctuations.

Hours of Crypto Trading

Apart from planned server maintenance, you can trade cryptocurrencies around the clock. We will always send you an email to let you know about any maintenance operations. There are close-only modes and daily breaks for certain cryptocurrency pairs; please check the trading interface for specific scheduling.

Spreads that float and no swaps

Spreads are always fluctuating at Neuron Market, reflecting the current state of the market. This guarantees all your deals will be transparent and priced. Additionally, we don't impose crypto swap fees on your cryptocurrency positions, so you can keep holding your deals without paying further money.

Predetermined Stop Levels and Margin Requirements

Regardless of leverage, our platform keeps fixed margin requirements for all cryptocurrency pairs. You can better manage your risk when you are consistent. Please be aware that certain high-frequency trading strategies may not support stop-level values, and that they are subject to change.

Frequently ask question.

Pending orders must be placed at least as far away from the market price as the current spread, coupled with SL and TP for pending orders. SL and TP for open positions must be established at least as far away from the market price as the spread is currently.

We guarantee no slippage for most pending orders executed at least three hours after trading opens for an instrument. However, orders in low liquidity or high volatility conditions, or those falling in a gap where the difference in pips exceeds the gap level value, will be executed at the first market quote after the gap.

When deciding which cryptocurrencies to trade, consider factors like volatility, liquidity, market capitalization, and technological features. Research the development team behind each coin or token, and stay updated with crypto market news. Conduct thorough fundamental and technical analysis before making trading decisions.

Due to its significant market capitalization and liquidity, traders select Bitcoin, the most well-known cryptocurrency. Despite its price fluctuation, it seems to be more stable than other digital currencies. Choosing to trade Bitcoin should be based on your specific strategy and risk tolerance. Always conduct independent research and stay up to date on the latest happenings in the Bitcoin space.

Yes, you can trade cryptocurrencies 24/7, albeit certain pairs are only accessible during specific times. You will receive notification in advance of any server maintenance.

Positions in cryptocurrencies can be hedged with a 0% hedged margin. However, orders with a volume smaller than 0.1 lot cannot be closed by partial closing or hedging for ETH-USD and LTC-USD.
Use Neuron Market to explore the world of cryptocurrency trading and benefit from our innovative features and tools to improve your trade. Take the first step toward investing in the future of finance now.